A different way to get married

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A different way to get married

Weddings can be organized in many different ways. I will marry you with Love, a sense of Humor and Fun. As a wedding officer and ceremony leader, the possibilities are endless. I will make your wedding day a memorable day. A day in which the ceremony is not the most boring part, but an unforgettable event.

What are the possibilities?

  • A ceremony with me as officer can be organized in Dutch , French, German, English and Italian.
  • Exclusive Information and anecdotes about the couple will be obtained from parents, family and friends.
  • The wedding guests are fully involved in the ceremony.
  • Your own contribution such as exchanging your vows or tell each other something special, exclusively prepared and written for the ceremony, is all possible upon request.
  • Children get (if desired) their own roles and special attention at the ceremony and will always go home with a gift.
  • You can marry at any location, whether it’s a wedding anywhere in Europe or in the United States .
  • A surprise wedding; a marriage ceremony.
  • Converting a registered partnership into a marriage. Renewing your vows…

Want to learn more about a different type of wedding?
An interview to explore the options is free of charge, at your home or at mine.
You can respond via the contact form , but a call guarantees a faster response! Phone: +31624636973