You can get married

Ria met plankje

My name is Ria Kuipers-Andrea

I am a sworn wedding officer and have executed many marriages and partner registrations over the years, always with great pleasure and enthousiasm. If you are already married and you are interested in a reconfirmation, I can take care of this for you as well. Marriage is for everyone. I make no distinction in gender or culture. Apart from Dutch and English I speak German, French and a little Italian. Since September 1994, I am working as a sworn wedding officer in the province of South Holland. Besides the marriages in “my” municipality, I also do marriages and wedding ceremonies throughout Europe. You also can find me in Italy on a regular basis. I carry out wedding ceremonies with Love, Humor and Fun. In consultation with the couple, I make sure we create a party that’s unforgettable.

Every wedding is unique and has its own story. Children also play an active role in the ceremony. For every couple I hold a free introductory meeting to discuss all the required steps with the couple. During each ceremony, I also give the witnesses and the family and friends my personal attention. It is my desire to create a memorable ceremony, which will be remembered by all of us, looking back at a special event with beautiful memories. I provide a warm and sparkling ceremony for every bridal couple, at any desired location. I’m going for that because your wedding day may become A Perfect Day with Humor and a lot of Fun.